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ORIENTAL THEATER (1853-1857) Bengal Harkaru of 7 April 1853 reported that the scholars and ex-students from the Oriental Seminary brought up an amount of Rs. 800/- to setup the theater at Garanhata, Chitpore for presenting Shakespeare’s plays. The pioneers provided Priyanath Dutt, Dinanath Ghosh, Sitaram Ghose, Keshab Chandra Ganguly as well as others. They grabbed some five months to organize beneath the boring of Mr David Clinger, an English instructor at Madrassa and an associate of Sans Souci, and Mr Roberts and a female named Miss Ellis. Oriental Theatre got available to the general public against entry tickets of Rs. 2 each, which to be enjoyed of Messrs F W Brown & Co. and Baboo Woomesh Chunder Banerjee, Cashier, Spences resorts.

JORASANKO NATYASALA (1854) this is once more a short-lived English theater, contemporaneous with its neighbouring Oriental theater at Baranasi Ghose Street. Jorasanko Natyasla was actually a privately-owned theatre of Babu Parry Mohan Bose however a aˆ?private theater’ because it practised entry by seats offered openly. On 3 May 1854, it staged Julius Caesar in English. At the conclusion of the year, Jorasanko Natyasala staged some performs in Bengali as a result on the selling point of The Hindu Patriot (11 May 1854).

DIFFERENT PERSONAL DESHI THEATRES Besides these four theatres, there were even more short-lived personal theatres of good historic relevance which had sang vernacular dramas with local abilities, like Belgachia theater (1858-1861), Pathuriaghata Theatre (1859-1872), Sobhabazar theater (1865-1867), Jorasanko theater (of Tagores) (1865-1867). All of the theatre residences had been regional initiatives that ceased to can be found very little prior to the coming of Lewises in mid-September 1867 to determine Lyceum Royal theater at Maidan. Two different these vernacular exclusive theatres, Bowbazar Theatre (1868-1874) and Baghbazar recreational Theatre (1868-72) had been contemporaneous to Lyceum. It was the latter, which had the background connected because of the Lewis’ Lyceum issues.

The special need for the Olympic theater was actually that, in lack of the Lyceum, it facilitated the Baghbazar beginners to check the specimens of Lyceum’s building, auditorium, phase, views and displays

Lewises’ theatres had achieved a mighty advantage of creating a ready Bengali readers receptive and appreciative of theatrical entertainments and art, backed by their own primary learnings for the English dramas and theatrical arts at education, besides their own exposures to the stage activities of the English and vernacular works. An earnest Bengali spectator was born are updated on English theater from the second 50 % of the nineteenth millennium Calcutta as well as that mostly accountable were Mrs Leach’s theatres, specially the Sans Souci, that is overstated occasionally by historians as aˆ?the finally crucial English theater in Calcuttaaˆ? [Dasgupta?] belittling the seven many years Lewises added to Calcutta’s English theatre. Conversely, a number of them, like Colligan, preferred to overlook the strong imprints for the aˆ?actress-manager Mrs Esther Leach’ who’d obtained, to their mind, merely aˆ?a reasonable achievements’ [Colligan].

There were a variety of European stars whom took part in Shakespearean performs, once we see Mrs Greig appeared as Portia within their gamble business of Venice on 2 March 1854 and then on 17 March

Advantaged because of the new investigation results on Lewis’ theatres in Calcutta, which remained unavailable into veteran theatre historians, one can possibly decide these days most confidently the eventualities having regarding development of pro Bengali theater aˆ“ modernistic, sensible and democratic aˆ“ that outlasted the English theatres with the English in Calcutta. In the interests of ease, i might be allowed to label the time scale of Olympic Theatre (commonly also known as aˆ?Sultan’s theater’) [Binodini], which accompanied subsequent, with the reputation of Lewises’ Lyceum regal theater, throughout the plea of Olympic Theatre getting merely an extension regarding the former without including nothing latest for the character aside from the name.

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