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“Because of Panama of the Elena Fisher” [ ]

“Because of Panama of the Elena Fisher” [ ]

Elena and you can Winner Sullivan enjoys a casual relationship, and therefore improves needless to say because she and you may Nate grow nearer. Because of the Drake’s Deceit, Elena voices the woman matter one Nate is going to score Sully killed in the event the the guy continues their line of really works, and you will alludes to it as one reason why due to their split right up. It is thought that it stayed household members after An effective Thief’s Stop, that have Sully regularly going to their, Nate, and you can Cassie at its beach home.

Chloe Frazer [ ]

Elena and you may Chloe Frazer are very far the exact opposites out-of each other, hence serves to show more sides away from Nate’s character. 1st, both women can be during the possibility because the both of them subtly vie over the emotions to own Nate. When Chloe is actually removed hostage by the Lazarevic inside Among Thieves, Elena reluctantly facilitate Nate into the releasing the lady. Elena and you will Chloe tend to be faster antagonistic collectively when it cooperate into the Shambhala, and you will Chloe helps cut Elena’s existence after the the woman grenade burns off out of Harry Flynn.

Charlie Cutter [ ]

Even with maybe not fulfilling towards the-display, Elena is aware of Charlie Cutter. The lady reaction to his wedding implies she’s alert to their union with Nate. Sully assurances the woman that he is maybe not deceased just after cracking his toes in Syria.

Innovation [ ]

Amy Hennig keeps mentioned you to definitely she authored Elena is this new “girls variety of Drake” as opposed to the “damsel from inside the worry” type. [ violation necessary ] Horny Dog stated that it made an effort to build Elena have the ‘girl-next-door’ look, to give this lady a fairly yet not overly glamorous image.

Head profile artist Sze Jones said: “Elena moved due to a number of emotional and real challenges for her adventures with Nathan Drake. The lady eyes have been made which have a little large openness and you may glossiness so you’re able to permit them to reveal their internal ideas along with her emotions to have Nate.

The woman subtle cheek blushes and you can a little big children offer their an excellent enjoying appearance and you may accentuate her protective characteristics along with her willingness in order to give up herself so you’re able to manage others.

The biggest technology problem with Elena were to present this lady body build while the specularity regarding her hair on the other hand into the almost every other characters. Countless changes so you’re able to their body were made up against extreme lighting requirements in order to find the perfect balance regarding shader setup and you may textures to help with the proper lookup.”

Elena Fisher try to start with designed is an effective Language reputation, given that “Elena Vargas”, and creator Amy Hennig wished Claudia Black (the fresh voice of Chloe Frazer) to sound Elena.

Various other news [ ]

A user entitled “efish001” submitted a preliminary clips detailing a trip compliment of an effective Panamanian jungle from the Elena Fisher (unseen however, spoken because of the Emily Flower) and a small set of books. The latest clip are submitted so you’re able to YouTube to your seventh from , 9 months before discharge of Drake’s Chance. It is with the short term breakdown: “It was the start of an old documentary We produced and this are never ever accomplished, but saved getting reference.” [4]

All clips possess Elena trekking from the forest, that have books to help their. Near the prevent of one’s video clips, it uncover what these are generally in search of, a granite noted with several glyphs. Just after locating the stone, they arrive around fire regarding guardian soulmates giriÅŸ a person having a weapon. The brand new movies ends up while they flee with the jungle.

Drake’s Path [ ]

Elena ‘s the just character on online game to arise in Uncharted: Drake’s Trail, a now-defunct game. She provides the detective Nate’s target as soon as the player possess Drake’s location, the guy accounts returning to Elena, which many thanks him and you may states she’ll score upon it.

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